Quake for Cardboard

Quake for Cardboard is a game a lot of us have been waiting for and it’s been implemented perfectly. I have already spent over an hour playing, and despite the motion sickness, it’s a very hard game to put down.

This app is incredible and just what cardboard was made for. If Google could have imagined a game that summed up the VR concept, this would have been it. The graphics are sharp, features as long as your arm (extended with gun in your hand) and the tech support second to none. Have a glitch? Simply post to a forum on the net and Dr Beef will be there to tell how to optimise your experience – he really is omnipresent. The only downside is that because this app is so immersive, it can give you motion sickness – a caveat stated in the description. But take a rest and then get back on it. Minutes lost not playing this awesome first person shooter are minutes of your life you’ll never get back. 5*

Download Quake for Cardboard on the Google Play store

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