What is Google Cardboard?


Google Cardboard is a new Virtual Reality (VR) device and application environment pioneered by the tech giant Google. VR has already started to gain widespread attention with the Oculus Rift ready for a consumer release early next year and Playstation announcing their own VR headset in development. The problem is, for many of us the cost of these devices limits the number of people that are able to experience VR.

Virtual Reality, like the internet, is something we should all have access to, and Google are trying to make this happen. Google Cardboard is an affordable headset made out of..well..cardboard, with the brains of the device being powered by something most of us have in our pockets – a smartphone. Compatible with most smartphones (both IOS and Android) the actual applications are available to download on the respective app stores. This has opened up a massive opportunity for developers to create experiences for VR at a cost that allows even casual users to experience the virtual world. Whether it be riding a virtual reality cosmic roller coaster, experiencing a fully immersive VR horror story or even transporting yourself to some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet in virtual reality. Google Cardboard has opened the floodgates for VR and it’s only just getting started.


There are no official cardboard devices, instead Google has given dozens of companies the go ahead to create their own headsets. The whole premise of Google Cardboard (and largely Google’s own ethos) is to enable an environment where developers, manufactures and users are free to do what they want and create what they want.

Apps for Cardboard have put together a list of the best google cardboard applications so far.

There are now hundreds of applications available to download and use with Google Cardboard. Apps for Cardboard aims to offer an impartial opinion (we never accept payment for a good review) allowing users to make more informed decisions when it comes to exploring the world of Google Cardboard.

Image Credits: Maurizio Pesce

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